GZ gig shaping up

As the GZ gig gets closer and closer, I am starting to see the good parts of my work ethic take over
Please allow me this rare self congratulatory moment but I must lay this stuff out and accept my accomplishments as much as I beat myself up for my failings

-I have handed out over 1000 flyers for this show (a vast majority of them whilst looking them in the eye)
Traditional music business math states that 10% of the people you flyer will show up
100 people?
Fuck yeah
I’ll take that for my first show at a major venue (major to me that is)

-I have gotten over several self imposed restrictions regarding my “musicianship” and have started concentrating on my growing strength as a visual artist
This has lead me to develop a much more streamlined set that is more predictable for me
The positive result of this is that I can now edit video with more precision
My video edits have become more “beat specific” and I have even been able to synch certain parts up almost as if they were being triggered at the same time

-My years of trudging it out on the road plus constantly refining my setup in the studio has made me very versatile at adapting a show for a specific venue
I have dreamed about playing in front of that giant screen and now I have a chance to do it
This is a great opportunity to practice for the big time so I am trying to map out everything for the evening
The best way to capitalize on this opportunity is to make the most impact on the audience with the least amount of inconvenience to the venue
This means providing a list of all things the sound guy and DJs should expect from line requirements to the PA to the set times and directions

I should be scared out of my mind right now but it’s do or die
I have to capitalize on this one
At least I can say that I have done more for this gig than any other i have ever done in my life
It can’t help but work out well for me in the end


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