The decade in review part 12

The road trip to Minneapolis was a breeze
Crusise control can do wonderful things for long distance driving and I made it in 17 hours without speeding
When I finally got to Marko’s, he told me that there was a 4th of July party that night and asked me if I was in any shape to go
Of course, that party was at William’s

Things were still a bit sore between William and I
He had apologized for the things he did but you never get a solid apology from William so I was hesitant (it always comes with subtle retractions and conditions)
That’s when Marko suggested that it would be a character building excercise
When I got there, I spent most of the time hanging around Poppy
She got a bit misty eyed when I reassured her that I had no resentments towrds her for the decisions William had made
That’s also where I met Dianne who would later offer me a room for rent in her house
Eventually I hung out with William but I was good and altered when it happened
Things went alright that night and William made lots of effort to be my friend again later on

I had been talking to Kat from Dallas and she assured me that she would help me out like I did for her
I would have a place to stay and it was gonna be fun because she had just gotten back into being a topless dancer
Life was going to be one big party for us (plus, she was going to take me to see Rasputina)
However, as soon as I got there, it was the same old Kat
She had just kicked one psycho guy to the curb and gave up the apartment she promised me
Not only that, but she did not have very much luck in the topless dancer plan, so she had decided to find a guy to hook up with so that he could take care of her
She found one pretty quick, and the next thing you know, she was engaged to him
She kept me at arm’s length the entire time and only seemed inrerested in hanging out with me when she needed something
My friends were all really suspicious of her and couldn’t believe I was letting her take advantage of me like that
However, I have always been a sucker for that chick and she constantly took advantage of that fact
She had pretty much used up all the goodwill I had for her and dealt me one of the worst blows when she ditched me at my own gig to go hang out with someone else at 1st ave

I moved into a spare room in Dianne’s house and started to look for a job
She was cool and we had lots of time to sit around and watch TV
I introduced her to “Run Ronnie Run” as well as Unknown Hinson and she was hooked
I also got a job at DC Music

The interview at DC music was kinda weird at first
It was run by a married couple named Danny and Cindy who were very christian and had a picture of George W Bush over their desk
Surprisingly, they were very cool and open minded and, of course, I tested them constantly with my disruptive attitude
I was working with 2 old guys, one who pretty much owned the customer base and then there was a kid who was in a Metallica tribute band
I am sure you can guess my attittude towards him
I proceeded to rise to number 2 in sales because there was no way I was beating the established guy

This was the same time when the I-35 bridge collapsed
I was living just a few miles away and the next day I had horrible allergy problems, what with all of that concrete and rusty metal dust in the air
It really freaked everyone out and added to the paranoia and fear that was already pervasive for me during the Bush administration

That’s also when I started to pay attention to the amount of negative attitudes that were constantly occupying my thoughts
I brushed them aside and blamed everyone but myself for all the things that were going wrong in my life
I was also incredibly hostile towards the established music community
They just didn’t get that they were living in the past/present
Not only that, but they were the reason that I could not move forward
This was the height of my bitterness and resentment and I was pretty fucking hard to deal with

Meanwhile, I was searching for the way to make all of my ideas for PyroPlasticFlow become a reality adn Marko was doing his best to help me out
He was having a really hard time because I was not as interested in perfection as he was
He kept pointing out little mistakes and glitches in what I was doing and I would reply “The mistakes are just as important”
He spent most of the time trying to get over that

I ended up spending about 8  months in Minnesota (without a heater in my van) 
There were some ups and downs, but nothing really bad or good happened (that was worth writing about) other than recording an album , playing a few sparsely attended gigs and  making friends

I finished the recording and decided that it was time to head back to Dallas
I had a new album to present to all of the potential musicians in Dallas and I was sure that, now that I had material and proof that I could back up my shit, I would have no problems finding people to join PyroPlasticFlow
I had some money saved up from my tax return and was convinced that I could survive for a few months just on what was in my bank

Boy was I wrong


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