this is how social services discourages people to succeed

I have one simple question to ask Minnesota care and it took me 4 hours to find out that no one cares to answer my question
I just bought a car with a $3000 loan from my father
He has graciously allowed me to pay it off over 2 1/2 years
I’d like to expedite the procedure with a 2nd job
However, it is not worth making too much money and losing Minnesota care

The decision?
Take longer to pay off the loan and keep my insurance
Pay off the loan ASAP and risk making too much money and losing my health insurance

Not only does the culture of social services discourage self improvement, it also places such frustrating hurdles in front of you that it doesn’t surprise me that even the people who do qualify, don’t take advantage of the services our STATE TAXES PROVIDE FOR

Yep, the statement that lit a fire up under my ass to get MnCare was Laura’s…”You pay state taxes so that programs like this exist, it is your right as a taxpayer to take advantage of these services”
However, my patience was severely tested today when I wished to ask a human being the aforementioned question
Keep in mind that
-I don’t mind going through an endless menu
-I don’t mind holding for an eternity
What I do mind is doing all of this for hours only to reach dead ends in the form of “please hang up and call back some other time” or the dreaded quagmire of endless telephone menu options that only lead to other telephone menus

Oh, by the way
Gone are the days when you could overload the machine with a barrage of random numbers
Back in the good ‘ole days, all you had to do was press a bunch of buttons and eventually the system would get confused and dump you off to an operator
Evidently, too many people discovered this tactic because it hasn’t worked in years

So, what I have is 3 hours of work trying to get through to U-care and Minnesota care, navigating phone menus whilst scouring their websites for any kind of number other than the one marked “customer service” (pah!)
Eventually, I reached some sort of “advocate” (don’t ask me to remember who it was or what department)
She was very kind and sympathised with my situation
Then she offered to research the topic and e-mail the results

The question that people are asking more and more is a question that the rest of us have been asking forever
How did our government become so dis-interested in serving the people that they have to resort to evasion and obfuscation so that people simply quit trying to claim what is rightfully theirs out of sheer mental exhaustion?
If someone as determined as me has this problem, what is it like for some poor sick and depressed soul who has no hope in the first place?
How many people sit in the darkness of their situations and suffer because they don’t have the determination or stamina to navigate the maze in order to get the cheese?


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