the mistakes I make in anger

Someone has been trying to get under my skin lately and it has invoked some aggressive thoughts in my head
I didn’t realize how much I allowed my anger to take control of my thought process that I spent a good deal of the afternoon obsessing over how to get back at this person
That’s when I realized I had wasted a day off and it was now too late to play the drums in the basement
I let this douche deprive me of an afternoon of playing the drums

This is not me saying that I feel unjustified at being angry at this fuckass
I just can’t do anything about it and therefore need to quit obsessing over it and causing me to lose focus
Let’s not get all hippie and start talking about positive vibes and “peace n’ groovy faces everywhere”
I would still use any resource I could to fuck this guy back
It’s just that I have no legal hope of doing so and I’m not prepared to cross that line into doing something stupid and getting revenge
That’s the ego talking and final analysis indicates that only my pride is affected so write it off as a typical “life trips you and laughs” moment and move the fuck on

Gonna take out all of this energy on the street tonight and bike to GZ where I will schmooze with cute girls and hand out flyers

Fuck you douche
I win


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