That’s one opportunity I just wasn’t gonna miss

I have known for a while that Thrill Kill Kult and Lords of Acid were playing at GZ
I have also known that I was playing GZ in August
Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to go flyer the show until umm…….9:30pm
That’s when I saw SJ post a picture of the line outside of GZ
“Wow, I thought to myself, that sure is a lot of people just sitting in one place. Too bad I’m not flyering there”
That’s when I decided I was not going to regret not flyering by hauling my ass to the uptown Kinkos and printing out 200 sheets of 4 part handbills
I quickly cut them up and headed for GZ
I started to notice the additional buzz of adrenaline and remembered what it felt like to be excited to be going out and interacting with people
Thankfully, I walked right up as Chuck was at the door
He let me in and I started handing out

The place was fucking packed so I headed straight for the outside smoking area
It’s no use trying to habd a flyer to someone watching a band so I figured i would go back in after the band was over
I got a little antsy so I got the bright idea to just take a handfull of flyers and just throw them in the air
The idea hit me after Conrad Schnitzler talked about doing that at events in Germany in the 60’s for the Zodiak Free Arts Lab

I couldn’t believe how excited and enthusiastic I was working that crowd tonight
I made an effort to put a flyer in a vast majority of people’s hands in that club during and after the performance
I estimate that I put out about 600 flyers tonight and handed about 400 personally (especially to cute girls, most who tried their hardest to seem unaffected)

There were a lot of cool people and a lot of shitty people but my telemarketing experience has caused me to not care anymore
I thought I was going to hyperventilate tonight because I was so pumped up

Good thing I didn’t sit on my ass tonight and feel sorry for myself
Celebrating with Gary Numan and a pastry that looks like Shai Huluud


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