Rasputina 7/19/2010 Varsity Theater + video shoot

Rasputina has the distinction of “being there for me” during a time in my life where I was trying to search for a way to stay relevant
Kat burned copies of “Frustration Plantation” and “Cabin Fever” when I was on tour with the fucking Von Ehrichs and it was a welcome distraction from the hell I was having to endure on that tour

I had listened to Rasputina before but those albums were pretty standard (although better than most) goth
These two albums had very interesting electronic tracks
It wasn’t the garden variety, bludgeon you over the head, NIN/Ministry type of electronics
This was subtle texture
It immediately started my wheels turning when thinking of a way to part from the tradition of 20th century electronic music
Those two albums are what I put in the category of “headphone albums”

Then came “Oh Perilous World” and I noticed an absence of electronics
I listened to it many times but foud myself avoiding the album and skipping those songs when I would random them on the zune (to be fair, I listen mostly to the aforementioned 2 albums plus a couple of earlier tracks that exhibit their then budding electronics use)
Still. I greatly respect what Melora is doing and don’t wanna be one of those fans that thinks their favorite artist will stay in one place just so the fan can stay in their comfort zone

I looked with trepidation when I saw the video of the new Rasputina lineup
The drum kit had been replaced by a percussionist with a very sparse setup
Not only that but there were no electronics at all
I suspected that this would signal a further path away from the Rasputina that I like so much but I missed the last tour (fucking broke as fuck and Kat flaked on me when she promised to take me)
Plus, I would bring my video camera and record the show

This is the part of the review where I must admit that I have a personal bias about the subject of their new drummer
Obviously, like every other musician who is also a fan, I occasionally fantasize about playing with my idols
This made me a bit less enthusiastic about their performance tonight
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trashing their new drummer
She was perfectly capable at the job she did
Plus, most people don’t know how hard it is to play that sparse
Either way, we will never know how good she is or is not because there wasn’t much to judge

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get back to the subject

Anyone who wants to know how to meet your favorite mid level touring star just needs to show up at the venue about 2 hours before doors open
That’s when you will find all manner of band members lounging around after setup and soundcheck on the loading docks smoking
Melora was in a conversation so I slowly approached her and waited for her to aknowledge me
The I asked her if I could interrupt her conversation
I quickly asked her if she minded me recording the show
She made sue it was for amateur purposes and requested a copy
I inserted my “you’re so cool/I love you guys” gushing fan comments and then left her alone

The balcony was closed but I politely asked the guy with the dreads (sorry, it was loud and I think his name was Omario or something and my deaf ass couldn’t hear, but thanks anyways) if i could shoot from up there and he said yes
You don’t get what you don’t ask for
Just remember to ask nicely

They played a mixed set of standards and new material
I wasn’t happy with the drums but I really like their new Cellist
He has a cool androgynous look and voice, plus lots of personality
I enjoyed the show but i can’t say that I will attend again if this is the direction that Melora is taking with Rasputina

When I got home, I watched the video and realized that the exposure was way off and everything was oversaturated with lights causing big lines in the image
The dark parts were easier than the bright parts which caused the camera to lose focus
I will obviously have to experiment more

I bought the new CD “Sister Kinderhook” and took it home (support your favorite artists by buying directly from them when on tour!!!!)
I listened to half last night and the other half today
It confirmed my suspicions that Rasputina is headed further from an elctronic direction
I tried to find something that I liked about it and found that the intricacies that she accomplished with electronics have been replaced by multiple vocal parts
Although that is really amazing when listening to the recording with headphones, it doesn’t translate as much in the open and certainly not live

I don’t think I can last one more album/tour like this
I hate to be critical because Melora and Rasputina have my utmost respect for their artistic accomplishments
Plus, there were tons of others there that loved it
I don’t even mind the new minimalist direction
Just give me some electronics please?
Oh yeah, if you’re reading this Melora, if you ever do wanna go back to electronics and need a multi-tasking acoustic/electric drummer then I would love an audition
It would be the chance of a lifetime to play with one of my personal influences

I am not real happy with the video and will wait to see if melora contacts me about it
Maybe I am being a bit critical but I am gonna wait a while before I post it
I will let everyone know when I do post it


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