barrage edit finished

I have been working with Windows Movie maker for about a year now and have pretty much used it as a cut and paste tool
When I see video edits that use lots of filters and effects, I generally don’t see good ideas to go along with it
I feel that the source material should be interesting in the first place
You should “assist” the idea with editing to manipulate pacing and to alter or re-enforce the context of the idea
I see the function of editing as punctuation and/or rythmic timing than trying to dazzle the viewer with cool swirly effects
Apart from that, I use the simple fade in/out and that’s it

I had noticed something happening when I was moving fragments of video around on the time line
A graduating blue indicator appeared and I didn’t really know what that meant so I just ignored it and kept working
Durig the first steps of creating the new barrage edit, I accidentaly got the blue indicator again
I decided to see what happened and found out that it fades the clip into the previous one while overlapping the images at the same time
This soon became a new tool for me to regulate flow and pacing
I plan to use it a lot
Eventually, I will graduate to more sophisticated editing software but someone is going to have to give it to me for free and then I will need someone to show me how to use it

The only thing left to do is voice-overs which will be a snap and host segment visuals
Those have proven not to be as easy seeing as my previous experiments did not go so well in that material that I project on my face is not bright enough and the cheap ass makeup I used sweated off my face even before I got started filming
Hopefully, I can find someone with decent makeup to come over and help me shoot a ton of host segment footage so that I can use it for several episodes


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