The Decade in Review Part 11

I will try to figure a way to post the previous blogs sometime soon
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I was dreading the move out of the apartment
Obviously, I was going to have to help Laura move into her new place too and it proved to be a huge exhausting clusterfuck (as usual)
Not only that, but I knew the finality of it would hit her as soon as she saw the empty apartment
It did and it was real tough

One of the things I wished I didn’t have to leave behind was my job at Larry Morgan’s
I was shocked when that grizzled old man who had just told me he was going to shove his foot up my ass only days earlier said “You don’t really have to leave do you?”
I started to get a little misty

Sombra let me put my matress in the corner of his apartment at the Swiss House
I had a month until I had to leave for Minneapolis and spent most of it fucked up
The Swiss House was a building with 7 apartments in it and most of them were inhabited by various types of punks
It was one long cycle of getting as fucked up as possible, passing out, waking up and repeating it
One of the people I became friends with was Lacy
We had a great time inventing “porn terrorism” which consists of cutting up porn magazines and taping the collages all over someone’s door,apartment etc…
Ther were 2 different porn terrorism attacks in the Swiss House when I was there and let me tell you, there is no better way to bond with someone than going through a pile of “Voloptuous” magazines and cutting out the nastiest pictures to tape on someone’s door

Meanwhile, Laura had hooked up with the guy who lived directly underneath Sombra
I was reminded of this one night when I had to listen to them have sex through the floor
Now, before you think this is cruel on her part, remember that it was ME that broke up with HER
Plus, she didn’t know I was up there and could hear
I told her about it a few years later and she was mortified

There were many different sources of anxiety and pain happening to me at the time so I decided to pour lots of alcahol on top of it
Since I am a cheap bastard, I decided to see what all the fuss was about Mad Dog 2020
I realized that, if you could choke down that vile swill, then you could get really fucked up for about $3 (we all know what a cheap ass motherfucker I can be)
There was a nice collection of Mad Dog bottles in the apartment that we all thought was funny until the day that Sombra decided he was going to get sober (again!?!?)
He ordered me never to bring alcahol into his apartment again and overreacted to everything
Later on, it was explained to me that he has lots of resentment towrds me (apparently because I am moving forward and he was not)
We cane very close to blows one night

One of the most memorable events was Lacey drunk out of her skull and crying to me about the guy she was seeing
She asked me “Can I stay with you tonight?”
I answered “Yes, but you cannot sleep in the same bed with me”
Lacey replied “I’m not going to fuck you”
Whereupon I replied “I know that, I just don’t want you pissing in my bed”
I made her sleep on the floor on a bunch of towels and they were soaked by the time we woke up

It came time for me to pack up the van and head out to my mom’s house for a few days before I took off to MN
Laura helped me pack and was amazed that I could fit all of that equipment into the van
We had our tearful goodbye and I headed to my mom’s
Then I headed out on the road
The van was so loaded down that every bump cause the tires to scrape the wheel well
I had almost no anxiety about the trip and was excited about the new opportunities
I was a bit nervous but


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