I have been communicating with a guitarist who is interested in PyroPlasticFlow
We have had several conversations and he brought over equipment last night to start learning the parts
The most encouraging thing was that he picked up the guitar parts very quickly
This is one of my central issues with finding a person to play my music

The music is deceptively difficult in that more is going on with the subtleties of the rhythms than the actual melody that most people don’t play it well
Obviously, not to compare myself to Jimi Hendrix, but it is like being in a guitar store and hearing a person who has accomplished technical prowess but plays something like “Purple Haze” and it doesn’t sound anywhere as good as Henrix
Because of the nucances

My nuances come from being a drummer and applying very physical techniques
Most of which are mutes with both hands producing various levels of textures of notes
They may not fly by like Buckethead but every note has substance
If you see the note and color it in perfectly,evenly and within the lines then it loses it’s character and becomes just another dot
If you look at my individual notes, they are like tiny oscilloscopes reflecting the charachter of the sound you are hearing (and seeing if I have my way)

So, this guy does well and has an open mind
He has already accepted the concept of open tuning and the economical (lazy) way I play the guitar
In addition, he seems to have the same tastes as mine as well as a pretty easygoing personality
Of course, since I have tried to fit a million pieces together with this project, he could end up being one of the people I tried with but who just couldn’t cut it or lost interest
There is a lot of potential here but I am always skeptical


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