After moving from state to state all of my adult life, I have had to take many different driver’s license tests
They have all been the same
You don’t have to study the manual or any of that shit, you just have to use common sense when answering the questions
You’ll get a couple wrong (mostly the ones dealing with space or time incraments) but you’ll pass

I just failed my Minnesota driver’s test
Here are some of the answers I got wrong
And I paraphrasing because I didn’t really take notes

“If you are about to turn left and there is oncoming traffic on a two way street you should”
A- Signal at least 50 feet from the intended turn
B- Nonsensical answer you know is wrong
C- 2nd nonsensical answer
D- Come to a cpmplete stop and keep your wheels pointed forward

Believe it or not the fucking answer was D

There were many questions like this
Then there were the answers that made no sense and were “morally confusing” like ones that involved operating a vehicle under the influence
This was the difference maker that caused me to fail the test
%75 is failing?

I complained to the guys behind the counter (and made sure to be polite because I don’t theink they made up the test themselves) and they said “You and about 60 other people”
They explained to me that their supervisor told them it would be too expensive to compose a new test

The upside is that I get 5 more chances to test
At least I didn’t have to pay for the test
I would have been waaaaay pissed if that had happened


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