No more busking & fuck you city of Minneapolis

I arrived on Nicollet mall at about 4:30 and headed towards Peavey Plaza
I thought it might be a good spot because of the outdoor concerts that were going on
It turned out not to be for several reasons
For one, no one was tipping at all (after walking further down the street, I saw lots of people getting tipped)
Secondly, I guess the city didn’t want me competing with a major event because just after the band started oplaying, a cop car pulled up and a woman got out with a book of tickets in her hand
I didn’t even let her get the words out of her mouth before I told her “I am packing up and leaving right now”
She asked me if I had a permit and I told her that I had looked for one online and couldn’t any mention of one
I had also asked several cops on my multiple visits about it and none of them seemed to know of one either
Hell, I asked 3 cops and the WCCO security guard who were standing on the spot if I could play and they all said yes

I am lucky that I didn’t get a ticket but this only makes me more cynical towards the various enitites of government
It seems like you just can’t live without them fucking with you
Once again
Fuck you city of Minneapolis


6 thoughts on “No more busking & fuck you city of Minneapolis”

  1. I busk in Minneapolis alot and have had only positive experiences. the three cops and security guard that you talked to were correct, you do not need a permit unless you are on private property. if this woman police officer had given you a ticket you would could have objected to it formally and it would have been taken away no problem.

    I dont think that you should be saying fuck you to minneapolis but rather fuck you to the uninformed police officer, (who didn’t give you a ticket anyway so I dont understand why you are complaining).

    I dont appreciate you talking bad about my city where I get good tips from friendly passerbys. you said yourself that people were tipping well down the road from where you were so that has nothing to do with the city but your poor skills at finding a good spot to busk.

  2. The original posting is rather old, but, seeing as how I just found it, I should add something no one else has mentioned about Minneapolis: You can’t busk on private property. Peavey Plaza IS private property. Also, they don’t want you busking when there’s a major event, there. Either of these things may be the reason why the cop was willing to give you a ticket. No, there is no permit required in Minneapolis; unless you’re asking for money (this includes a sign). That, the City Council considers panhandling. Secondly, Minneapolitans tend to tip the buskers they know….or see every day. If you just blew into town, it might take a few days for you to seem familiar. Also, the cop may have asked if you had a permit if you were selling CD’s or something. This would be a vendor’s license.. not a busking permit.

  3. neg/pos, you alone cant change who mpls accepts busking,if you get hasseled it just means mpls expect’s more! The cop’S tipped me when i played in front of the IDS center after requesting a song . some buskers need more help then just talent,manners and respect for starters!!

  4. The details and tone of your posting impress me that you might do well in some of the more antisocial rail-punk squats….as far as being accepted.
    As far as getting tips? Not so much.
    My very first tip ever as a street performer was a plastic lobster, perhaps stolen, but given in somewhat breathless enthusiasm by a young man who asked if I was going to be there for a bit…
    (This was back when busking was illegal in Minneapolis, and one of my mentors went to jail 4 times for refusing to comply…he helped get the laws changed.) The guy came running up with this very realistic lobster, and panting, handed it to me, saying he didn’t really have any money,
    but “I wanted you to have this!”
    Your story reminds me how much Grace, Patience, and Whimsy….make busking successful, and if one forgets to bring them, or at least be open to them…what a wretched, uncomfortable, and lonely exercise in futility!

    1. We are a band, and frequently busk when there’s nothing to do. We’ve done this in many cities, including Minneapolis (where we’re from). We’ve gotten good tips and bad tips. But never been hassled. If you’re polite, gracious and compliant with the regulations, nobody messes with the buskers. If you have a bad attitude, Minneapolis will turn on you (Ive seen this happen to an asshole who thought he could make a buck just thrashing a guitar and swearing at anyone who didn’t give him money). Incidently, Peter, We got our ‘first million’ busking. It was a ‘million dollar bill’ that a 9 year old kid put in my guitar case. Ranks right up there with your lobster.

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